Though sometimes called a walking contradiction of realities in my life, I draw inspiration from absurd juxtapositions in my art. There is always a little silly in the macabre; a little beauty in the horrendous; a little spectacular in the banal. The glue that binds the two together is allegory which, I think [read: hope], encourages viewers to assign their own narratives to my work.

This is also, partially, where the moniker, Kreau comes from; an absurd juxtaposition of the words crow and eau using letters from both my given and surnames. Eau is the French word for water– the basis of all life as we know it. Whereas crows and corvids, whom I hold near and dear, often symbolize chaos, destruction, and death. The two symbols together, as a ridiculous dichotomy, sum up my work to an extreme degree.

Originally, I was inspired by the almost impossible cleverness and beauty of street art murals around the world, but I had a seemingly incompatible background to match my ideas with execution in a satisfactory way. In short… I’m awful, awful, AWFUL with a freehand rattle can. Over the course of several years, I adapted my style and workflow so I could bring a vision to the streets but on a timeline more aligned to my creative strengths. This started with several wheat-paste projects, media installations, and ultimately the evolution of my primary focus: stenciling.

I believe art belongs to us all and should be where we can all see it.

Based in Seattle, WA.

Contact me through Instagram: myKreau