UPDATE: Up until 2020 I enjoyed opening my shared studio to the art walk community every month. The ongoing complications brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic made our space a little quiet for a while. Unfortunately, just as things were picking back up, our space was priced out by a new tenet on the hill, ending our 10-year relationship with the space. Farewell and thanks for the memories.

If you’d like to collaborate on keeping Cap Hill an art-forward community, let’s say hey.

A view from inside our shared studio during Cap Hill Art Walk (Good Weather Loft). We were honored to share a space near Blue Cone Studios for so many years.

1520 11th ave. Suite E


Q: Are these prints or paintings?
A: Every piece you see in the studio is a hand sprayed painting on Bristol board. I don’t make prints.

Q: Will you do Art Walk again?
A: I’d love to. It’s important for me to be part of this community. If you are a venue who like host my work reach out via IG: @mykreau

Q: Do you sell your work?
A: Yeah. Let’s have a conversation if something is speaking to you.

Q: If I see a piece I like but want a different color set, can you paint a custom piece for me?
A: Yeah, totally. However, let’s talk through it together since there are some things to keep in mind when picking the colors.

***Be sure to check out the Capitol Hill Art Walk website to verify dates, times, and if I’ll be participating during the current month.