A two-part permanent installation commissioned by Fred Wildlife Refuge in Seattle.

The installation involved developing a secondary DJ booth over a garage access door in the main event space. The rear wall has a suspended plywood surface with four tiles of blacklight sensitive animal pieces. The booth railing has a plywood wall built around it that has reflective “animal eyes” that only appear when a direct light is used from a viewer’s perspective (ie: with a camera flash)

Installation with house lights on.
Installation with direct light on “animal eyes”
The “Animal Eyes” would show up in peoples’ photos usually.
Four animal tiles reacting to blacklight.
Animal tiles prior to painting.
Each animal tile has one predator (green paint) with it’s prey animal within (pink paint).
Each tile is made with a mosaic of black screws.
The screw heads are painted with UV reactive paint. The string outline helped show which inner screws to paint as the “prey”.
Construction on the installation area.