In keeping with an “art for everyone” ethos, I teamed up with a local sticker company to get several of my stencil design made into vinyl stickers. These little things are great for slapping on your laptop, water bottle, or nearby canvas-in-potentia. If you want to get your hands on some stickers, come visit the studio during a Cap Hill Art Walk. I hand them out to whoever wants them. Just keep em slapping like a 90s bracelet, please.

Current designs

I always carry a bunch with me. Sometimes when I see someone with an eclectic taste for stickers, I leave them one with a note written on the back. I was so stoked to find this same bike almost two months later sporting the sticker I left. I guess they don’t all end up in the trash.

At the end of 2019, fellow artist Girlspitart put out a blast on Instagram asking sticker artists for contributions to their sticker vending machine that would be placed in Tacoma Artists and Craftsman with all proceeds going to Suicide Prevention Hotline. It was a super noble effort and I was stoked to donate 60 stickers along with @marcirasmussenart, @kittysaurus, @phanda.dll,, @dirtdog365, @inzobwetrust, @2front, @whatfreewill, @fanartforteens, and @picklechurch.